Best Provinces in Italy for Expats

Based on our data, the Best province in Italy for Expats is Milano, with a score of 9.6/10.
Roma ranks 2nd with a score of 9.6/10 and Bologna ranks 3rd with a score of 9.5/10.

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About Expiter

Expiter is a data visualization tool for researching and comparing different quality of life factors in Italian cities and provinces.

The tool is mainly aimed at expats, exchange students, full-time travellers, remote workers and digital nomads who are living in (or planning to move to) Italy.


Expiter is a tool aimed at helping those who live or are planning to move to Italy make more informed decisions. We help expats and travellers access and digest information about the "best" places to live in Italy.

We collect and display data about different Italian cities and provinces, including but not limited to: climate data, cost of living, healthcare, transport, safety, nightlife and so on; with a special attention to feedback from expats, exchange students, and digital nomads.
We collect and combine data from different sources, such as the open-source yearly Quality of Life Rankings from IlSole24Ore, housing price indexes from, user reviews from TripAdvisor, as well as our own surveys and feedback collected directly from expats and nomads in Italy.

When creating our city rankings for Expiter, we weight our data in order to make feedback from expats and those who moved to Italy from other countries have a higher impact on our scores compared to data sourced from people who were born and raised in Italy.

This means that our data more closely reflects the experience and feedback of expats in Italy compared to that of locals, and our results may be substantially different from those of the sources we partially rely on.
The information displayed on this website is sourced from different databases, research studies, surveys and user-generated (often subjective) content. Because of the nature of this data, you should not deem it as 100% accurate.

The tool is updated regurarly as new data is collected, so that the information stays more up-to-date and increasingly accurate.
Italy is divided in 107 provinces (large metropolitan areas), which are generally named their largest city (comune). For instance: the province of Milano includes the city of Milan (the capital or "capoluogo" of the Province) as well as 133 smaller comuni nearby.

Because of their proximity, these towns tend to share similar climate, economy, infrastructure and culture - although cost of living is often much lower the farther you are from the Province's capital.

For simplicity, we collect and display data about the province as a whole, which includes both its capoluogo and comuni nearby. In the future, we aim at providing more specific information about the most popular cities for both expats and nomads based on feedback from our community.
At present, expiter is 100% free to browse. We do not have a paid subscription plan and we do not charge for any product or service.

We may earn from partnerships, display advertisement or affiliate commissions for external products and services offered by third parties. This is however at no additional cost to you as a user.

We currently have no plans to implement paid features in the near future. If you want to help expiter grow, please consider sharing it with your network and talk about it on social media.
Please only get in touch if you have a product or service aimed at expit's target audience (expats or digital nomads in Italy).

I only accept communication via email. Write your proposal to [email protected] and cut the formalities if possible :)