Italy Expat Resource List

Below, a curated list of useful resources for expats, exchange students, remote workers and travellers living in Italy.

These include: health insurance services, online banks, books, Italian language courses and apps, etc.

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Health & Travel Insurance

For tourists, digital nomads, and expats in Italy, we highly recommend considering Genki Health Insurance for your insurance needs.

If youโ€™re a tourist or a digital nomad who travels frequently, Genki Explorer is an excellent choice.

This policy offers comprehensive coverage for medical treatment worldwide, including COVID-19, and is tailored for individuals aged between 0 and 69 years, for any travel destination, up to 2 years. Genki Insurance Comparison

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For expats and long-term travelers residing in Italy, Genki Resident is a more suitable option. It provides complete health coverage, including dental, mental, and pregnancy care, along with additional services like telemedicine and global doctor network support. Both Genki Explorer and Genki Resident offer flexible plans that can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you have the right coverage during your stay in Italy. Choose Genki for reliable, comprehensive insurance coverage that adapts to your needs.


Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Multi-currency card and online money transfer with some of the lowest conversion fees

You can hold, send and receive money in over 50 currencies and convert between them at current exchange rate with a Wise electronic money account.

It is one of the most convenient banking alternatives for frequent travelers and comes with a Wise debit card which can be used in most countries in Europe as well as the rest of the world.

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Best Online Bank for Expats in Italy - Wise

N26 (Online Bank)

Online EU bank account in English

N26 is a German bank that allows you to create a bank account online in just a few minutes. They operate in many EU countries including Italy and allow you to create an Italian bank account in English.

As there are no physical N26 branches, your finances can be managed entirely online via the N26 app. The account also comes with an N25 debit card.

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Best Online Bank for Expats in Italy - N26

Language Learning


Learn Italian with Online Courses and Games

One of the best language e-learning platforms out there, allows you to learn Italian at your own pace via website or app

Ideal to get started with short lessons and to practice your skills via interactive games, podcasts and stories.
A total of 14 languages are offered, including Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish.

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Best Online Bank for Expats in Italy - Wise


Living in Italy: the Real Deal - Hilarious Expat Adventures

by Stef Smulders

Would you dare to follow your dream and move or retire to Italy to live La Dolce Vita? Have a Reality Check first! Stef & Nico did take the leap, although their dog Sara had her doubts. Now from your comfortable armchair you can share in the hilarious & horrendous adventures they experienced when they moved to Italy to start a bed and breakfast.

For lovers of amusing travelogue memoirs who like a good laugh. And for those interested in practical advice on how to buy a house in Italy there is useful information along the way, pleasantly presented within the short stories.

Glossary of Italian words included! Learn the true meaning of Italian phrases and expressions like "non ci sono problemi", "di fiducia", "persone serie", "tutto a norma" and many more. Learn a bit of the foreign language before going to Italy.

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Best Books for Expats in Italy - Living in Italy: the Real Deal

Understanding Italy: A practical and funny guide for expats

by Nadia Plamadeala

A practical and funny guide that will give you many insights on Italian culture in 23 short stories. Greetings, local cultural peculiarities, dining habits, taboo topics, humour, bureaucracy, dating, friendship, nightlife, swear words, cultural archetypes, Italian proverbs - people's wisdom, how to find a job and a place to stay and how to avoid the culture shock, it is all explained briefly and efficiently.

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Best Books for Expats in Italy - Understanding Italy: A practical and funny guide for expats

National Geographic Traveler Italy

by Tim Jepson (Author), Matt Propert (Photographer)

Italy offers a perfect combination of art, culture, monuments, food, fashion, shopping and fun. The natural landscapes are unique in their variety and completely harmonized with human activity. This book takes its readers on a journey through the peninsula, in the company of one of the best-known Italian tourist guides. There are practical tips on organizing a tour, descriptions of the history and the culture of Italy, its art and artisan movements, and of course, the cuisine.

The chapters of the guide will provide the traveler with a well-structured, untrammeled guide to the beauties of Italy, starting with the legendary capital Rome, and followed by the regional attractions. Come with us as we visit Lombardy and its lakes, view the splendors of Venice, and travel from Emilia Romagna to the "regions of the monasteries" in the Apennines and on to the gems of southern Italy--the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.

Every aspect of Italian life is dealt with in the numerous information boxes that describe a wide range of activities for tourists seeking unforgettable experiences. Follow in the steps of the Grand Tour; take part in the Palio di Siena, explore the trulli in Puglia; walk through medieval Rome; enjoy a truffle tasting; explore the Chianti vineyards by car...

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Best Italy Travel Books: National Geographic