Besana in Brianza, Lombardy, Italy

NameBesana in Brianza
ProvinceMonza e Brianza
Climate Zone?

Besana in Brianza is a municipality of 15.441 inhabitants located in the Monza e Brianza province in the Italian region of Lombardy in Northern Italy. It has a population density of 980 people per km² and an altitude of 335 metres above the sea level.

Besana in Brianza accounts for about 1.77% of the total population in the province of Monza e Brianza and about 0.02562% of the overall population of Italy as of 2022.


Besana in Brianza is classified as a Climate Zone undefined, which means it is . The local climate is characterized by winters which are long and cold and summers which are dry and very hot. There are frequent precipitations in autumn and spring, and fog is not uncommon.

The province of Monza e Brianza experiences on average 65.79 days of hot temperatures (over 30°C) and 12.69 cold temperature days (<5°C) per year. It rains (or snows) around 97.08 days per year. There are 25.71 foggy days throughout the year. Besana in Brianza receives around 7.5 hours of sunshine per day on average.

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Map of Besana in Brianza

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Monza e Brianza Province Info

Quality of LifeCost of LivingDigital Nomads

👥Population: 873,935

🚑Healthcare: okay

📚Education: great

👮🏽‍♀️Safety: great

🚨Crime: low

🚌Transport: okay

🚥Traffic: low

🚴‍♂️Cyclable: poor

🏛️Culture: poor

🍸Nightlife: okay

⚽Recreation: excellent

🌦️Climate: okay

☀️Sunshine: good

🥵Summers: not very hot

🥶Winters: very cold

🌧️Rain: rainy

🌫️Fog: foggy

🍃Air quality: excellent

👪For family: great

👩For women: great

🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+: good

🥗For vegans: excellent

📈Cost of Living: expensive

🧑🏻Expenses (single person): 2348.54€/m

👩🏽‍🏫Expenses (tourist): 3522.81€/m

🏠Rental (studio apt.): 371.7€/m

🏘️Rental (2-room apt.): 531€/m

🏰Rental (3-room apt.): 743.4€/m

🏙️Housing Cost: high

💵Local Income: 2549.55€/m

👪Expenses (small family): 3539.62€/m

🏠Sale (studio apt.): 57420€/m

🏘️Sale (2-room apt.): 95700€/m

🏰Sale (3-room apt.): 133980€/m

👩‍💻Nomad-friendly: okay

💃Fun: good

🤗Friendliness: great

🤐English-speakers: great

😊Happiness: okay

💸Nomad cost: 3522.81€/m

📡High-speed Internet: great

📈Innovation: excellent

🏖️Beach: poor

⛰️Hiking: good

Towns in the Province of Monza e Brianza

MONZA Lissone Seregno Desio Cesano Maderno Brugherio Limbiate Giussano Vimercate Seveso Muggiò Meda Nova Milanese Arcore Carate Brianza Bovisio-Masciago Concorezzo Lentate sul Seveso Agrate Brianza Besana in Brianza Villasanta Varedo Biassono Bernareggio Cornate d'Adda Usmate Velate Verano Brianza Triuggio Lesmo Cogliate Sovico Lazzate Carnate Vedano al Lambro Macherio Cavenago di Brianza Bellusco Barlassina Busnago Ceriano Laghetto Albiate Briosco Misinto Ornago Caponago Roncello Mezzago Sulbiate Burago di Molgora Veduggio con Colzano Renate Ronco Briantino Correzzana Camparada Aicurzio

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